Tokenized Byteball

Egbytes is Ethereum Erc20 Ethereum Version of Gbytes

Distribution Method:

Fixed supply = Only 500000 EGBYTE
Airdrop = 90% in 10 rounds 1 round of 9% fair distribution to hodlers each month
Exchange funds=10%

Proven business model

Egbyte will follow exact same business model as gbyte but with transparent easy ethereum blockchain . it can attract more audience due to reward incentives and trust based on ethereum transparent blockchain.

Hodler rewards

Every egbytes hodler will have chance to get more and more egbytes each month free simply by hodling the egbytes . this reward incentive will create a more and more demand for egbytes thus pushing the price of egbytes high.

Strong Community

The team will be placing great emphasis on building a strong community. This will be achieved through building a large, active membership on multiple communication platforms: Telegram and Discord.

Low Supply

The supply is extremely low. It is so scarce, that it will undoubtedly become a expensive crypto asset just like byteball

Hodler Rewards

Hodlers will get free airdrop each month!

Ebyteball will follow the exact same fair distribution model as byteball but without any complexity. Every Month from 23 to 29 a new round of fair distribution (airdrop) will be processed and egbyte hodlers will get additional egbytes based on their hodling propositions . Next Airdrop is starting from 23 to 29 novemeber . To get free airdrop buy egbytes on exchange now .

Buy On Etherdelta And Hold


1:Airdrop Round 1 has started . Airdrop will be live (from 23 to 29 October)
2:45000 EGBYTE Distributed to all airdrop users in round 1 (on 29 October)
3:Exchanges listing:(November 01-05)
4:Airdrop Round 2 (from 23 to 29 November)
5:More exchanges
6:Each round every month with 45000 egbytes distributed to hodlers 

Token Address:0x332ee54349E92dB5D0d7132b213dAeEdf5bd2057

Egbytes All Right Reserved